Why Do We Say Last But Not Least?

Do you put a comma after last but not least?

Use a comma after phrases or clauses of more than three words that begin a sentence (unless it is the subject of the sentence).

Whether or not a comma is used also depends on the type of the introductory element, and, last but not least, on whether or not there would be a slight pause if the clause were read out loud..

What is the least meaning?

You use the least to mean a smaller amount than anyone or anything else, or the smallest amount possible. I try to offend the least amount of people possible. If you like cheese, go for the ones with the least fat.

What is the meaning of least least?

adjective, a superlative of little, with less or lesser as comparative. smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.; slightest: He gave the least amount of money of anyone. lowest in consideration, position, or importance.

Is lastly a word?

The word “lastly” is a variation of “last,” an adverb meaning “in the final position, place, or time”; it is grammatical…

Is but one meaning?

(I have) but one (life): (I have) only one (life)

What is a synonym for least?

Dictionary of English Synonymes least(a.) Synonyms: smallest, minutest.

What is another word for last but not least?

What is another word for last but not least?finally yet importantlyjust as importantlynot least of allfinallylastlyultimatelylastin closingto concludein conclusion10 more rows

What is the meaning of last but one?

Adjective. last but one (not comparable) (now chiefly Britain) Penultimate, next to last, immediately preceding the end of a sequence, list, etc.

What is another word for finally?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for finally, like: conclusively, certainly, with finality, at-last, ultimately, eventually, beyond the shadow of a doubt, in-conclusion, decisively, in the crunch and as it may be.

Is last but not least an idiom?

A phrase used to emphasize that someone or something is still significant, despite being mentioned last in a list of people or things. And last but not least, our stalwart IT staff—this issue never would have been published without them!

How do you replace also?

againadditionally.also.besides.further.furthermore.moreover.on the contrary.on the other hand.More items…

Does Alas mean finally?

Alas means finally. For example, you could say, “Alas, there is land!” Or you could replace “alas” for “Finally, there is land!” See a translation.

How do you use last but not least in a sentence?

important, despite being mentioned at the end: I would like to thank my publisher, my editor, and last but not least, my husband for his encouragement during the writing of my book.

What can I say instead of lastly?

What is another word for lastly?finallyall in allat lastin closingin conclusionin drawing things to a closein finein the endin winding upto conclude7 more rows

Is last but not least a transition word?

“Last but not least” is also called transition word which keeps the reader on track by showing relationships between ideas and information. This connecting word is neutral rather than either formal or informal, but it would probably sound a little informal in an academic essay.

Is second last correct?

In general, ‘second to last’ or ‘penultimate’ is correct when describing the last but one in a series; ‘the last’ is incorrect. But a sentence such as ‘In the race, I came in second to the last runner’ is also correct, if rather cumbersome; ‘…

What is the meaning of Least favorite?

A: Yes, “least favorite” refers literally to the bottom of a sequential list of favorite people or things, and that’s the way it seems to have been used when it showed up in English in the 19th century.

What does last but not least mean in English?

used when you mention the final person or thing in a list, in order to say that they are equally important. Last but not least, I want to thank my wife Laura for all her help during the campaign.