Quick Answer: Is Scarier A Real Word?

Is realistically a real word?


interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical: a realistic estimate of costs; a realistic planner..

What is the scariest thing to humans?

13 Things That Are Instinctively Scary To Humans (And Why)Public Speaking.Sudden Movements, Sounds, Or Surprises.Small Spaces.Blood.The Dark.Flying.Death.Mice And Rats.More items…•

What is the scariest thing on Google Earth?

The 20 Scariest Google Street View ImagesThe Aliens Have Landed. The truth isn’t out there — it’s right in front of us! … Pigeon People in Japan. … An Angel Ascending to Heaven. … These Creepy Masked Pepole. … “Dead Bodies” in a Dumpster. … Detroit Resident Threatening Google. … This Guy in a Gas Mask. … This Haunted House.More items…•

What’s another word for realistically?

Realistically Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for realistically?actuallybasicallyeffectivelyin truthin factin practicein realityin real lifeif you are honestin a realistic sense17 more rows

How do you spell realistically?

Correct spelling for the English word “realistically” is [ɹi͡əlˈɪstɪkli], [ɹi‍əlˈɪstɪkli], [ɹ_iə_l_ˈɪ_s_t_ɪ_k_l_i]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you spell scary?

How Do You Spell SCARY? Correct spelling for the English word “scary” is [skˈe͡əɹi], [skˈe‍əɹi], [s_k_ˈeə_ɹ_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the scariest fear?

Public speaking – Glossophobia. Luckily, all of the science made simple team really like public speaking. … Spiders – Arachnophobia. … Confined Spaces – Claustrophobia. … Heights – Acrophobia. … Zombies. … Thunder and lightning – Astraphobia. … The Dentist – Dentophobia. … Darkness – Nyctophobia.More items…•

What does realistic depiction mean?

Depiction is a form of non-verbal representation in which two-dimensional images are regarded as viable substitutes for things seen, remembered or imagined. … Pictures may be factual or fictional, literal or metaphorical, realistic or idealised and in various combination.

Is it more scary or scarier?

So, one haunted house is “scarier” than another, not “more scary.” (And two-syllable words are “trickier” than they should be.)

Is scarier a correct word?

adjective scarier or scariest informal.

What is the meaning of scarier?

Definition of ‘scarier’ 1. causing fear or alarm; frightening. 2. easily roused to fear; timid.

What is the scariest thing in the world?

Yes, you are the scariest thing in the universe. You are the ultimate golem, a creature made from inanimate stuff, rising from the cosmic swamp. Your exquisitely sensitive, active, plotting, conspiring brain is a Lovecraftian horror, borne from the deepest laws of nature and asserting its influence on the world.

What’s a fancy word for scary?

What is another word for scary?frighteningscaringfearsomethreateningunnervingeeriediredirefuldreaddreadful234 more rows