Quick Answer: Is A 45 Long Colt More Powerful Than A 44 Magnum?

Will a 44 Magnum stop a grizzly bear?

Bears, including grizzlies, have been killed with 22 long rifles.

The 44 magnum is almost unspeakably more powerful than the 22 rimfire, so of course it will kill a bear.

With that said, I know people who hike, camp, fish and hunt in bear country..

What can a 45 long colt kill?

tahunua001 Member. a 45 long colt will kill anything in north america short of a bison within 100 yards…anyone that says that that a 45lc wont kill deer are the same guys that say you need a 357 or larger for home defense.

What is the deadliest handgun caliber?

9mmDespite its age, the 9mm is more dangerous than ever before, due to innovations in ammunition lethality that squeeze greater performance out of the bullet.

Is there a difference in 45 colt and 45 long colt?

They are both the same cartridge. 45 Colt is the original cartridge name. It began to be called 45 Long Colt to avoid confusion with the . 45 ACP cartridge.

Is 45 long colt good for self defense?

The . 45 Colt also makes a perfectly viable self-defense handgun; the case is fully capable of firing the 185 and 230-grain bullets designed for use in the . 45 ACP, which are equally effective and affordable.

What is a cowboy load 45?

A normal cowboy load using the 45 Colt runs around 750 fps. A lot of cowboy shooters use light bullets with light loads that are a little slower. Cowboy Action Shooting is a competition that has rules.

Why is a 44 more powerful than a 45?

45 ACP is most likely more powerful. … 45ACP, and 44 Remington Magnum, the . 44 Magnum uses 3 to 4 times the powder, to give it far more Muzzle Energy, Muzzle Velocity, and range, hence more “power”.

Can you shoot 45 long colt in a 44 Magnum?

It is possible , At least once. . 44 Magnum has SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure of 36,000 psi ( piezo). . 45 Colt (also called .

Will a 45 Long Colt stop a bear?

45 Colt can be loaded to levels that may be sufficiently powerful enough to shoot Black Bear at close range. The aforementioned loads will exceed the power levels of the vaunted . 44 Remington Magnum (yes, that Magnum). … 45 LC revolver would kill the bear instantly….

What is more powerful than a 44 Magnum?

62 to 1.14 ounces, and generates a huge range of foot pounds of energy, from 932 to an astonishing 3,032 foot pounds. By that standard, the . 500 Magnum is easily twice as powerful as the . 44 Magnum.

What’s the deadliest bullet?

The Radically Invasive Projectile, or R.I.P. for short, is possibly the world’s deadliest bullet. The aptly-named R.I.P. bullet’s unique tip gives it an instantly devastating effect not impossible to achieve when you are using other ordinary products.

What is a 45 long colt good for?

45 Colt. Colt revolvers, Colt clones and similar handguns, are designed to operate at about 14,000 psi. The hefty revolvers, like select Ruger and Freedom Arms guns, can handle much higher pressures, around the 25,000 psi range. … 45 Colt to be quite useful as a defensive and handgun-hunting round.