Quick Answer: Does Fafsa Need My Parents Social Security Number?

Why does fafsa need my parents SSN?

Parents of a dependent student are required to submit their financial and demographic information on the FAFSA.

Whether the parents claim the student as a dependent on their income tax returns is irrelevant to the student’s status as a dependent for federal student aid purposes..

How do I fill out fafsa without Social Security number?

If your parents don’t have SSNs, they must enter 000-00-0000 when the FAFSA form asks for your parents’ SSNs. If your parents don’t have SSNs, they won’t be able to create FSA IDs and therefore won’t be able to sign your FAFSA form electronically.

Why is my parents FSA ID not working?

The most common cause of this problem is that you accidentally listed your date of birth incorrectly on either your FAFSA or on the FSA ID site. If the two don’t match, you will get this loop. The other common issue is accidentally using your parent’s FSA ID when the student is signing and vice versa.

Can you do your fafsa without your parents?

If you are not independent, do not qualify for a student dependency override, and cannot convince your parents to provide their information for the FAFSA®, you can file without it. It’s better to file a FAFSA® without your parents’ information than to skip the FAFSA® altogether.

When can I stop using my parents income on fafsa?

Undergraduate students who are under age 24 as of December 31 of the award year are considered to be independent for federal student aid purposes if: • They are married. They have dependents. They are working toward a master’s or doctorate program during the award year.

What do I do if my parents are illegal on fafsa?

Download Our Some tips to keep in mind when filing the FAFSA, if the student’s parents are undocumented: When filing the FAFSA, enter 000-00-0000 as the social security number. Do not enter a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or a stolen social security number.

Is fafsa based on parents income?

Your eligibility is determined by a mathematical formula, not by your parents’ income alone. TIP: When you fill out the FAFSA, you’re also automatically applying for funds from your state, and possibly from your school as well.

How can I get financial aid for college if my parents make too much money?

Private Loans Finally, private student loans are available for helping to cover the costs of higher education, and they could be a good Plan B for getting student aid if your parents make too much to qualify for federal need-based aid.

Should I say I live with my parents on fafsa?

If so, then for federal student aid purposes, you’re considered to be a dependent student, and you must provide information about your parents on the FAFSA form. Not living with parents or not being claimed by them on tax forms does not make you an independent student for purposes of applying for federal student aid.

Who fills out Fafsa parent or student?

According to the Education Department, students and parents can start filling out the FAFSA on one device, like a cellphone, and complete the form on another, like a desktop. Parents and students don’t have to complete the FAFSA at the same time when they’re applying for financial aid.

How do parents create a fafsa ID?

Here’s how to make a parent FSA ID.Go to the FSA ID website.Fill in the information under “Create an FSA ID,” and then click “continue.”You’ll be directed to another page with an online form. … Once you’ve followed all the instructions, you’ll need to wait up to three days while the system confirms your identity.

How do you change parents SSN on fafsa?

If you filed a FAFSA using an incorrect SSN, you can change that SSN by either entering the correct one on a paper Student Aid Report (SAR), or asking the financial aid office at one of the colleges listed on your SAR to change it for you. Otherwise, you must file a new FAFSA with the correct SSN.

What if parent does not have social security number fafsa?

All U.S. citizens are eligible for federal financial aid, regardless of their parents’ immigration status. … If your parent does not have a social security number, use 000-00-0000 as his or her social security number.

Does my parent need a fafsa ID?

Any parent, who wants to electronically sign the FAFSA, will need his or her own FSA ID. To avoid problems with your financial aid down the road, you (and your parent, if that applies) should create your own FSA ID. … The FSA ID has the same legal status as a written signature, so you should treat it like such.

How do I get a fafsa ID for my parents without social?

For more information or to create your own FSA ID, go to StudentAid.gov/fsaid. If your parent does not have a Social Security Number, he or she will not be able to get an FSA ID. In that case your parent will print, sign, and mail in a paper signature page.