Quick Answer: Can You Import Gel Blasters To Australia?

Gel blasters are not legal to possess in the Northern Territory.

Police are seeking assistance from the public to recover the stolen items and reassure that public that gel blasters are not capable of firing live ammunition..

Are Nerf guns illegal in Australia?

“A local store war robbed by two men with nerf bats. …

What happens if you get caught with a gel blaster in NSW?

You really can go to gaol for having, using or selling a gel blaster in NSW. Defined as a firearm in schedule 1 of the Firearms Act 1996, the penalties for having or using gel blasters are identical to those for possessing an actual weapon and not something that is essentially used as a toy and for sport.

Any gun replica that could be reasonably mistaken for the real thing is legally classified as an imitation firearm in Australia. … Indeed, even gun replica stores in Australia will usually accept local business.

Gel blasters are currently legal in Queensland and South Australia but are banned in New South Wales and Victoria. There is no regulation on the toys in Western Australia.

While it is legal to possess a gel blaster in Queensland, using it in a public place can result in a public nuisance charge or offences under the Weapons Act.

Gel blasters are illegal in New South Wales and if you are charged with possession of a gel blaster without a gun licence, you can not only be fined but also you can face a gaol term of up to 5 years. In fact, gel blasters are illegal in Australia in all states except Queensland and South Australia.

Do gel blasters hurt?

The pistol gel blasters don’t shoot as hard or as far as the rifle Gel Blasters. In most cases being shot by a gel blaster pistol will feel like a quick pinch and possibly resulting in a red temporary mark. If shot by a rifle, it will result in significant short-lived pain and welts that may last a day.

What is the most powerful gel Blaster?

What is the best Gel Blaster gun?NameTypeBatteryJinMing M4A1 (Gen8) Gel BlasterRifle7.4VJinMing M4A1 (Gen9) Gel BlasterRifle7.4VJinMing ACR J10Rifle7.4VJinMing SCAR V2 Gel BlasterRifle7.4V10 more rows