Question: What’S The Difference Between Black And Yellow AMC Tickets?

Do AMC yellow tickets expire?

Redeem each yellow movie ticket for one AMC theatre ticket of your choice with NO EXPIRATION.

Tickets are NOT valid in NY, NJ, and CA..

Are Costco movie tickets considered passes?

The Costco page for the Regal Cinemas eTickets 4-pack says, “ePremiere tickets are valid for any movie, any day, any time at any Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres nationwide – without ever expiring.” The Regal Cinemas page for Avengers: Endgame says, as it usually does for new releases, “No …

How do I exchange my AMC Gold ticket?

The process is easy. Send legible pictures of the front and back of your ticket(s) to goldsilver (at) Please include your mailing address and a member of their team will reissue a comparable Black or Yellow ticket for use in one of our theatres.

What is the difference between silver and gold movie tickets?

When comparing AMC gold tickets and AMC silver tickets, there is only a slight difference. The difference is that a person having an AMC gold ticket can watch all the new movies from day one. On the other hand, a person having an AMC silver ticket will be able to see the new films only after two weeks.

What is an AMC yellow ticket vs Black ticket?

AMC Black Tickets are exchange items that are NOT eligible toward earning AMC Stubs rewards either at time of purchase or time of redemption. Valid seven days a week. Yellow Ticket Terms and Conditions: Not Valid in: CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY.

Can you use AMC black tickets to reserve seats?

With the AMC: Black Movie Ticket you’ll experience the following highlights: Get one (1) movie ticket that can be redeemed at any AMC theatre nationwide. With the E-Ticket option, you can reserve your seats online ahead of time and skip the line!

Do AMC Gold tickets expire?

But these tiers (gold/silver), although they never expire, are no longer accepted in AMC theaters. They were discontinued as of July 1, 2018. If you happen to have an AMC Gold Experience ticket, you’re supposed to send legible pictures of the front and back of your ticket to

Do AMC gift certificates expire?

AMC Gift Cards are good for both movies and concessions and are reloadable at any theatre in the United States. Even better, AMC Gift Cards do not have any associated fees or expiration dates so your gift spans the test of time.

How much is an AMC yellow ticket worth?

Several types of vouchers may be used at AMC Theatres. AMC sells Black and Yellow (formerly Red, Green, Gold, and Silver) tickets, typically priced from $8.50 to $10.25, that can be purchased in bulk at many retailers, like Costco and Sam’s Club, as well as at AMC locations.