Question: What We Call A Person Who Loves Photography?

What does Photoholic mean?

photoholic (plural photoholics) (informal) A keen photographer..

What is a photography enthusiast?

If you’re a hobbyist, you enjoy taking photos and have a substantial amount of knowledge. Professionals have lots of knowledge and some experience. … Enthusiasts use a professional-level camera and may have done several photoshoots, but they are mostly into photography because of a passion for their craft.

What do we call a photographer?

What is another word for photographer?lensmanpaparazzophotojournalistamateur photographerfreelance photographerpress photographerprofessional photographerphotographerscelebrity photographerpaparazzi4 more rows

What is a Selenophile?

selenophile (plural selenophiles) Any plant that tends to absorb selenium. A person who is fond of the Moon.