Sean Grant & The Wolfgang – Archive News

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang – Archive News

Press quotes:

Clash: “… ‘We Are The Working Class’ seethes, writhes and rages with a rare intelligence.”

Gigwise: “… truly special on the UK music scene”

Soundscape Magazine: “… a true delight”

Vulture Hound: “This is clenched fist music, gritted teeth music, and while it’s not outwardly political, it is defining and illustrative of a downtrodden, malcontent society”

Really Short Reviews: “The whole EP is one big friendly and outgoing singalong that ensues fun and positivity.”

Whiteboard Project: “If there’s any justice, this band’s ruthlessly earnest spirit will continue to overwhelm us with remarkably undeniable songs”

Shout4Music: “… evidently sincere in his sentiments.”

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