The Shipping Forecast is a management company that looks after some very talented artists like Loved Ones, Red Kite, An Escape Plan, TANAOU, The British Expeditionary Force & Liam Dullaghan.

We became the record label as well as the management company for Liam whose album ‘Making History’ was our first release as The Shipping Forecast. This was followed recently by the release of ‘Songs of Scarecrows’ by An Escape Plan on Christmas Eve 2012.

Sharks Took The Rest debut album ‘Too Late For Logic’ came out through us on Easter Sunday 2013 and was quickly followed by the return of TANAOU whose second album is nearing completion. Our next full length release was Red Kite ‘Songs For Crow’ which we released to much acclaim on Guy Fawkes Night.

On June 9th 2014 we will be releasing debut EP’s by Aztecs as well as Sean Grant & The Wolfgang. We are also planning releases with Loved Ones and several new artists for later this year.

We don’t expect that what we do is to everybody’s taste, we also don’t think there is an obvious common theme that unites all these artists apart from our love for them and our unwavering belief in their genius.