The Shipping Forecast introduces Nicholas Stevenson

Today we’d like to introduce you to our newest acquisition Nicholas Stevenson.

We initially intended to unveil him on Transfer Deadline day but there were some last minute complications seeing as he comes from a desert island we had to apply for a working visa. Here are Nicholas’s thoughts on joining us at TSF…

“I am pleased to announce that I am joining The Shipping Forecast family as part of their management roster! They house some really great bands and people, it seems like we all dig a lot of the same stuff (Pavement/Grandaddy/Elliott Smith come up a lot in conversation…) There’s been some hanging out with The Shipping Forecast gang for a while leading up to now, doing guitar duties with those friendly bruisers in Red Kite and Kate from An Escape Plan slayed keys with us at our last show. Definitely check out the other TSF bands, Beijing Cars for one…

This is all really great news, because it means stuff is happening! While I’m slaving away on Photoshop files and getting painty, Jamie from TSF is working on getting my music out, yessssss.

The band will play some shows outside London, the first of which will be Southsea Fest (with Ed Harcourt/Pulled Apart by Horses) on September 20th. Strangely I designed the poster and branding for Southsea Fest this year, so it’s been nice to add my own name to the bill, literally. If you’re in the area it’s going to be super, friends Uncle Luc, Matt Emery and We The Wild are on the lineup also.

Importantly, Here I Land is coming out as a single on TSF (they release things too), there’s a little video and some B-sides on the way. I’m confident this is the start of something really sweet, so stick around!”

– Nicholas

also featuring Ed Harcourt, Pulled Apart By Horses. Dinosaur Pile Up, Uncle Luc, Matt Emery, We the Wild.

Festival Website | Tickets | Preview of ‘Ariel’

Check out this excellent festival preview by Freedom Spark. It features ‘Ariel’ by Nicholas Stevenson on their You Tube playlist on the page if you want to hear what we’re banging on about and why.

Some numbers: Nicholas has 529,000+ followers on Soundcloud, and was Soundcloud artist of the day in April 2013.

Some untruths: Nicholas used to tell people he was found as a child wandering in the woods on all fours, that he has a cursed guitar carved from a witch’s trees, can talk to raccoons, and has spent many years in a capsule beneath the arctic studying plankton.

Some truths: Nicholas’s favourite bird is the Loon and he grew up on a desert island.

Here are some nice words that ‘It’s Nice That’ have written in response to the ‘Home Sweet Home’ exhibition recently at Atomica Gallery.