Never Enough Notes Reviews – Red Kite’s | Montreal EP

Montreal EP – an intense and emotional foray into a post-Placebo alt-rock that Ted Hughes himself would be proud of

Lead single ‘Montreal’ tackles feelings of regret with a straight bat – a post-punk and multi-textual delight that has a touch of Placebo about it. A couple of close listens reveal a multitude of beautiful sounds and, as with much of Red Kite’s work, display an understanding of metre that doesn’t waste a syllable.

Montreal aside, the EP is an overwhelmingly sombre affair that reflects on grief and misfortune, but in an oddly matter of fact way. On the excellent ‘Tell Those Fuckers,’ Fisher opens his heart while simultaneously engaging his head: “maybe you were there for me but I believed in you, you believed in me too…for a while” – a line that catches the general tone of an EP that explores depressing themes while offering palliative sweeteners throughout.

While the band’s debut album ‘Songs For Crow’ was inspired by the poetry of Ted Hughes, the evocative quality has undoubtedly leaked into this EP. Most evident in the punk-folk hybrid ‘Give Old Fat Fish A Chance’ which dwells in despair before confronting a series of problems with a confrontational crescendo.