Really Short Reviews – Red Kite – Montreal | EP

Really Short Reviews – Red Kite – Montreal | EP

Sometimes less is more. Other times, everyone wants more more more. The latest EP from Alt-rock group Red Kite – Montreal seems to slot itself comfortably between these two standpoints in a cool, calm and collected style. Opener Montreal is a patiently crafted track – neither a labourious listen, nor rushed and jumpy. In its most basic form, it is controlled, but if you listen to its intricacies and prick your ears up during the chorus, it has so much more to offer than skin-deep pleasantry.

From the title, I wasn’t expecting Tell Those Fuckers to be one of the more melancholy pieces on the short 4-track EP, but nevertheless, it is a soothing, relaxing and moving song – airing similarities to those of The National. Give Old Fat Fish A Chance follows on well from the previous track, before breaking into an upbeat, noisy and busy piece, all the while retaining its sophisticated and prominent elegance. Milton In The Wood closes the EP beautifully. Slowing down the pace, and stripping the sound back to the bare bones in a delicate and foreboding manner. Every track on the album holds a underlining narrative to it, each one telling its own story and morals. An album to both be enjoyed and, at the same time, given your full attention and taken in.


Notable tracks: Give Old Fat Fish A Chance, Tell Those Fuckers

Release date: 14th April, 2014