Sharks Took The Rest release debut album ‘Too Late For Logic’

Here at The Shipping Forecast we are very excited to announce that Sharks Took the Rest will release their debut album ‘Too Late For Logic’ with us on 31st March.

The Quietus have already described them and their debut album as “a many splendored melodic thing and this is a sweetly delicate pop record with a bruised but mighty heart.”

Each of the twelve songs on the album captures Sharks Took The Rest’s love of skewed chamber pop, and brings to the fore a vibrant, modern folklore that is anchored in an unsugared romanticism.

Why not find out for yourself by PRE ORDERING the album today or catching them live at one of the following dates?

Thursday March 28, Doors, 7.30pm
MALTON (YORK): The Milton Rooms

Friday March 29, Doors 7.30pm
LEEDS: Left Bank